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Publications 2014

H°iness PR, Capjon H, Lofter°d B (2014)
Pain and rehabilitation problems after single-event multilevel surgery including bony foot surgery in cerebral palsy. A series of 7 children
Acta Orthop, 85 (6), 646-51
PubMed 25191930

Publications 2010

Wiker°y AK, H°iness PR, Andreassen GS, Hellund JC, Madsen JE (2010)
No difference in functional and radiographic results 8.4 years after quadricortical compared with tricortical syndesmosis fixation in ankle fractures
J Orthop Trauma, 24 (1), 17-23
PubMed 20035173

Publications 2009

H°iness PR, Kirkhus E (2009)
Grice arthrodesis in the treatment of valgus feet in children with myelomeningocele: a 12.8-year follow-up study
J Child Orthop, 3 (4), 283-90
PubMed 19533196

Publications 2006

Kalaaji A, Rosenberg BE, Olstad OA, H°iness P, R°ise O (2006)
"Reversed turnover" latissimus dorsi muscle flap for reconstruction of a deep sacral defect after a severe pelvic fracture
Scand J Plast Reconstr Surg Hand Surg, 40 (3), 186-8
PubMed 16687340

Publications 2005

Hoiness P, Stromsoe K (2005)
Tricortical screws were as effective as quadricortical screws in ankle fractures at 1 year
J. Bone Joint Surg.-Am. Vol., 87A (2), 465

Publications 2004

Andreassen GS, H°iness PR, Skraamm I, Granlund O, Engebretsen L (2004)
Use of a synthetic bone void filler to augment screws in osteopenic ankle fracture fixation
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 124 (3), 161-5
PubMed 14767782

Hoiness PR (2004)
Reply to comments on "The use of a synthetic bone void filler..."
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 124 (10), 724
PubMed 15378319

H°iness P, Str°ms°e K (2004)
Tricortical versus quadricortical syndesmosis fixation in ankle fractures: a prospective, randomized study comparing two methods of syndesmosis fixation
J Orthop Trauma, 18 (6), 331-7
PubMed 15213497

Larsen LB, Madsen JE, H°iness PR, ěvre S (2004)
Should insertion of intramedullary nails for tibial fractures be with or without reaming? A prospective, randomized study with 3.8 years' follow-up
J Orthop Trauma, 18 (3), 144-9
PubMed 15091267

Publications 2003

Hoiness P, Engebretsen L, Stromsoe K (2003)
Soft tissue problems in ankle fractures treated surgically - A prospective study of 154 consecutive closed ankle fractures
Injury-Int. J. Care Inj., 34 (12), PII S0020-1383(02)00309-1-931

H÷iness P, Engebretsen L, Str÷ms÷e K (2003)
Soft tissue problems in ankle fractures treated surgically. A prospective study of 154 consecutive closed ankle fractures
Injury, 34 (12), 928-31
PubMed 14636737

H°iness P, Glott T, Ingjer F (2003)
High-intensity training with a bi-directional bicycle pedal improves performance in mechanically unstable ankles--a prospective randomized study of 19 subjects
Scand J Med Sci Sports, 13 (4), 266-71
PubMed 12859610

H°iness P, R°ise O (2003)
Successful open reduction of a 5-month-old hip dislocation associated with a femoral head fracture
J Orthop Trauma, 17 (2), 131-4
PubMed 12571505

Publications 2001

H÷iness P, Engebretsen L, Str÷ms÷e K (2001)
The influence of perioperative soft tissue complications on the clinical outcome in surgically treated ankle fractures
Foot Ankle Int, 22 (8), 642-8
PubMed 11527025

Publications 2000

H°iness P, Str°ms°e K (2000)
The influence of the timing of surgery on soft tissue complications and hospital stay. A review of 84 closed ankle fractures
Ann Chir Gynaecol, 89 (1), 6-9
PubMed 10791637

Publications 1999

Hoiness P, Stromsoe K (1999)
Early complications of surgically managed ankle fractures related to the AO classification.A review of 118 ankle fractures treated with open reduction and internal fixation
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 119 (5-6), 276-9
PubMed 10447622

H°iness P, R°ise O (1999)
[Amputation or reconstruction of a circulatory compromised severely injured extremity?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 119 (28), 4178-81
PubMed 10668379

Publications 1998

H°iness PR, Hvaal K, Engebretsen L (1998)
Severe hypothermic injury to the foot and ankle caused by continuous cryocompression therapy
Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc, 6 (4), 253-5
PubMed 9826808