Brian K. Chung
Position: Post doc, PhD
Scientia fellow in Birmingham

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Publications 2017

Chung BK, Hirschfield GM (2017)
Immunogenetics in primary sclerosing cholangitis
Curr Opin Gastroenterol, 33 (2), 93-98
PubMed 28146446

Chung BK, Karlsen TH (2017)
Genetic Discoveries Highlight Environmental Factors as Key Drivers of Liver Disease
Dig Dis, 35 (4), 323-333
PubMed 28468012

Publications 2016

Chung BK, Guevel BT, Reynolds GM, Gupta Udatha DB, Henriksen EK, Stamataki Z, Hirschfield GM, Karlsen TH, Liaskou E (2016)
Phenotyping and auto-antibody production by liver-infiltrating B cells in primary sclerosing cholangitis and primary biliary cholangitis
J Autoimmun, 77, 45-54
PubMed 27784538

Henriksen EK, Jørgensen KK, Kaveh F, Holm K, Hamm D, Olweus J, Melum E, Chung BK, Eide TJ, Lundin KE, Boberg KM, Karlsen TH, Hirschfield GM, Liaskou E (2016)
Gut and liver T-cells of common clonal origin in primary sclerosing cholangitis-inflammatory bowel disease
J Hepatol, 66 (1), 116-122
PubMed 27647428

Publications 2015

Chung BK, Priatel JJ, Tan R (2015)
CD1d Expression and Invariant NKT Cell Responses in Herpesvirus Infections
Front Immunol, 6, 312
PubMed 26161082

Karlsen TH, Chung BK (2015)
Genetic Risk and the Development of Autoimmune Liver Disease
Dig Dis, 33 Suppl 2, 13-24
PubMed 26641277

Publications 2014

Chung BK, Eydoux P, Van Karnebeek CD, Gibson WT (2014)
Duplication of AKT3 is associated with macrocephaly and speech delay
Am J Med Genet A, 164A (7), 1868-9
PubMed 24700746

Priatel JJ, Chung BK, Tsai K, Tan R (2014)
Natural killer T cell strategies to combat Epstein-Barr virus infection
Oncoimmunology, 3, e28329
PubMed 25050206

Publications 2013

Chung BK, Tsai K, Allan LL, Zheng DJ, Nie JC, Biggs CM, Hasan MR, Kozak FK, van den Elzen P, Priatel JJ, Tan R (2013)
Innate immune control of EBV-infected B cells by invariant natural killer T cells
Blood, 122 (15), 2600-8
PubMed 23974196

Publications 2011

Allan LL, Stax AM, Zheng DJ, Chung BK, Kozak FK, Tan R, van den Elzen P (2011)
CD1d and CD1c expression in human B cells is regulated by activation and retinoic acid receptor signaling
J Immunol, 186 (9), 5261-72
PubMed 21451111

Publications 2009

Allan LL, Hoefl K, Zheng DJ, Chung BK, Kozak FK, Tan R, van den Elzen P (2009)
Apolipoprotein-mediated lipid antigen presentation in B cells provides a pathway for innate help by NKT cells
Blood, 114 (12), 2411-6
PubMed 19620401