Denis Khnykin
Position: Senior scientist, PhD
Phone: +47 23 07 35 39

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Publications 2015

George R, Santhanam S, Samuel R, Chapla A, Hilmarsen HT, Braathen GJ, Reinholt FP, Jahnsen F, Khnykin D (2015)
Ichthyosis prematurity syndrome caused by a novel missense mutation in FATP4 gene-a case report from India
Clin Case Rep, 4 (1), 87-9
PubMed 26783444

Sundnes O, Pietka W, Loos T, Sponheim J, Rankin AL, Pflanz S, Bertelsen V, Sitek JC, Hol J, Haraldsen G, Khnykin D (2015)
Epidermal Expression and Regulation of Interleukin-33 during Homeostasis and Inflammation: Strong Species Differences
J Invest Dermatol, 135 (7), 1771-80
PubMed 25739051

Publications 2013

Lin MH, Khnykin D (2013)
Fatty acid transporters in skin development, function and disease
Biochim Biophys Acta, 1841 (3), 362-8
PubMed 24120574

Publications 2012

Blaas HG, Salvesen KÅ, Khnykin D, Jahnsen FL, Eik-Nes SH (2012)
Prenatal sonographic assessment and perinatal course of ichthyosis prematurity syndrome
Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol, 39 (4), 473-7
PubMed 21465607

Lin C, Hindes A, Burns CJ, Koppel AC, Kiss A, Yin Y, Ma L, Blumenberg M, Khnykin D, Jahnsen FL, Crosby SD, Ramanan N, Efimova T (2012)
Serum response factor controls transcriptional network regulating epidermal function and hair follicle morphogenesis
J Invest Dermatol, 133 (3), 608-17
PubMed 23151848

Publications 2011

Inhoff O, Hausser I, Schneider SW, Khnykin D, Jahnsen FL, Sartoris J, Goerdt S, Peitsch WK (2011)
Ichthyosis prematurity syndrome caused by a novel fatty acid transport protein 4 gene mutation in a German infant
Arch Dermatol, 147 (6), 750-2
PubMed 21690550

Khnykin D, Miner JH, Jahnsen F (2011)
Role of fatty acid transporters in epidermis: Implications for health and disease
Dermatoendocrinol, 3 (2), 53-61
PubMed 21695012

Khnykin D, Rønnevig J, Johnsson M, Sitek JC, Blaas HG, Hausser I, Johansen FE, Jahnsen FL (2011)
Ichthyosis prematurity syndrome: clinical evaluation of 17 families with a rare disorder of lipid metabolism
J Am Acad Dermatol, 66 (4), 606-16
PubMed 21856041

Publications 2006

Khnykin D, Olsnes S (2006)
Reduced binding of FGF1 to mutant fibroblast growth factor receptor 3
Growth Factors, 24 (2), 111-9
PubMed 16801131

Khnykin D, Troen G, Berner JM, Delabie J (2006)
The expression of fibroblast growth factors and their receptors in Hodgkin's lymphoma
J Pathol, 208 (3), 431-8
PubMed 16353171

Sørensen V, Wiedlocha A, Haugsten EM, Khnykin D, Wesche J, Olsnes S (2006)
Different abilities of the four FGFRs to mediate FGF-1 translocation are linked to differences in the receptor C-terminal tail
J Cell Sci, 119 (Pt 20), 4332-41
PubMed 17003104

Publications 2004

Sørensen V, Brech A, Khnykin D, Kolpakova E, Citores L, Olsnes S (2004)
Deletion mutant of FGFR4 induces onion-like membrane structures in the nucleus
J Cell Sci, 117 (Pt 9), 1807-19
PubMed 15075241

Publications 2001

Citores L, Khnykin D, Sørensen V, Wesche J, Klingenberg O, Wiedłocha A, Olsnes S (2001)
Modulation of intracellular transport of acidic fibroblast growth factor by mutations in the cytoplasmic receptor domain
J Cell Sci, 114 (Pt 9), 1677-89
PubMed 11398757

Publications 2000

Klingenberg O, Wiedlocha A, Rapak A, Khnykin D, Citores L, Olsnes S (2000)
Requirement for C-terminal end of fibroblast growth factor receptor 4 in translocation of acidic fibroblast growth factor to cytosol and nucleus
J Cell Sci, 113 ( Pt 10), 1827-38
PubMed 10769213