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Publications 2015

Tjønnfjord GE, Jønsson V, Ly BE, Johannesen TB (2015)
[Familial occurrence of chronic lymphatic leukemia in Norway]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 135 (18), 1626
PubMed 26442727

Tjønnfjord GE, Ly BE, Johannesen TB, Tierens A, Beiske K, Heim S, Jønsson V (2015)
[Chronic lymphatic leukemia in Norway-incidence and prognosis at diagnosis time]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 135 (18), 1626
PubMed 26442726

Publications 2014

Mulligan SP, Karlsson K, Strömberg M, Jønsson V, Gill D, Hammerström J, Hertzberg M, McLennan R, Uggla B, Norman J, Wallvik J, Sundström G, Johansson H, Brandberg Y, Liliemark J, Juliusson G, Scandinavian and Australasian Leukaemia Lymphoma Groups (Allg) (2014)
Cladribine prolongs progression-free survival and time to second treatment compared to fludarabine and high-dose chlorambucil in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Leuk Lymphoma, 55 (12), 2769-77
PubMed 24524339

Publications 2012

Frigstad SO, Jønsson V, Moum B (2012)
[A woman in her 60s with multifactorial anaemia]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 132 (8), 965-8
PubMed 22562330

Tjønnfjord GE, Jønsson V, Ly BE, Johannesen TB (2012)
Familial occurrence of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in Norway
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 132 (18), 2060-3
PubMed 23038196

Tjønnfjord GE, Ly BE, Johannesen TB, Tierens A, Beiske K, Heim S, Jønsson V (2012)
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in Norway--incidence and prognostic markers at diagnosis
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 132 (18), 2056-9
PubMed 23038195

Publications 2011

Jønsson V, Awan H, Nyquist E, Maisenhølder M, Johannesen TB, Ly B, Tjønnfjord GE (2011)
Familial Hodgkin's lymphoma in Scandinavia
In Vivo, 25 (3), 431-7
PubMed 21576419

Publications 2010

Awan H, Jønsson V, Johannesen TB, Ly B, Tjønnfjord GE (2010)
Anticipation in families with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and other lymphoproliferative disorders
Transl Oncogenomics, 4, 1-9
PubMed 21566766

Jønsson V, Tjønnfjord GE, Johannesen TB, Ly B, Olsen JH, Yuille M (2010)
Familial chronic lymphocytic leukemia in Norway and Denmark. Comments on pleiotropy and birth order
In Vivo, 24 (1), 85-95
PubMed 20133982

Publications 2008

Crowther-Swanepoel D, Wild R, Sellick G, Dyer MJ, Mauro FR, Cuthbert RJ, Jonsson V, Matutes E, Dearden C, Wiley J, Fuller S, Catovsky D, Houlston RS (2008)
Insight into the pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) through analysis of IgVH gene usage and mutation status in familial CLL
Blood, 111 (12), 5691-3
PubMed 18424666

Johannesen TB, Ly B, Samuelsen SO, Tjønnfjord GE, Jønsson V (2008)
[A new study of chronic lymphatic leukemia in Norway]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 128 (6), 713
PubMed 18337855

Jønsson V, Samuelsen SO, Tjønnfjord G, Johannesen T (2008)
Looking for CLL genes
Leuk Lymphoma, 49 (1), 10-1
PubMed 18203003

Jønsson V, Tjønnfjord GE, Johannesen TB, Samuelsen SO, Ly B (2008)
Possible imprinting and microchimerism in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and related lymphoproliferative disorders
Transl Oncogenomics, 3, 15-20
PubMed 21566740

Kolstad A, Tjønnfjord G, Jønsson V (2008)
High frequency of unrecognized indolent hematological disorders among HLA-matched siblings of patients with lymphoproliferative malignancies eligible for allo-SCT
Bone Marrow Transplant, 42 (6), 427-8
PubMed 18587433

Olsen AL, Johannesen TB, Ly B, Samuelsen SO, Tjonnfjord G, Jonsson V (2008)
Pleiotropy in families with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Salud Cienc., 15 (8), 1236-+

Publications 2007

Jønsson V, Tjønnfjord G, Samuelsen SO, Johannesen T, Olsen J, Sellick G, Houlston R, Yuille M, Catovsky D (2007)
Birth order pattern in the inheritance of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and related lymphoproliferative disease
Leuk Lymphoma, 48 (12), 2387-96
PubMed 18067015

Publications 2006

Jønsson V (2006)
[Inheritance and cancer]
Ugeskr Laeger, 168 (24), 2327
PubMed 16822411

Jønsson V, Bock JE, Hilden J, Houlston RS, Wiik A (2006)
The influence of pregnancy on the development of autoimmunity in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Leuk Lymphoma, 47 (8), 1481-7
PubMed 16966257

Jønsson V, Johannesen TB (2006)
Anticipation in lymphoproliferative disorders
Leuk Lymphoma, 47 (10), 2015-6
PubMed 17071471

Jønsson V, Olsen JH (2006)
[Inheritance in lymphoproliferative disorders]
Ugeskr Laeger, 168 (24), 2361-6
PubMed 16822421

Lotfi K, Karlsson K, Fyrberg A, Juliusson G, Jonsson V, Peterson C, Eriksson S, Albertioni F (2006)
The pattern of deoxycytidine- and deoxyguanosine kinase activity in relation to messenger RNA expression in blood cells from untreated patients with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Biochem Pharmacol, 71 (6), 882-90
PubMed 16436271

Publications 2005

Jønsson V, Houlston RS, Catovsky D, Yuille MR, Hilden J, Olsen JH, Fajber M, Brandt B, Sellick G, Allinson R, Wiik A (2005)
CLL family 'Pedigree 14' revisited: 1947-2004
Leukemia, 19 (6), 1025-8
PubMed 15800670

Sellick GS, Webb EL, Allinson R, Matutes E, Dyer MJ, Jonsson V, Langerak AW, Mauro FR, Fuller S, Wiley J, Lyttelton M, Callea V, Yuille M, Catovsky D, Houlston RS (2005)
A high-density SNP genomewide linkage scan for chronic lymphocytic leukemia-susceptibility loci
Am J Hum Genet, 77 (3), 420-9
PubMed 16080117

Publications 2004

Gniadecki R, Rossen K, Ralfkier E, Thomsen K, Skovgaard GL, Jønsson V (2004)
CD56+ lymphoma with skin involvement: clinicopathologic features and classification
Arch Dermatol, 140 (4), 427-36
PubMed 15096371

Publications 2003

Schaadt BK, Hendel HW, Gimsing P, Jønsson V, Pedersen H, Hesse B (2003)
99mTc-aprotinin scintigraphy in amyloidosis
J Nucl Med, 44 (2), 177-83
PubMed 12571206

Publications 2002

Jønsson V, Bock JE, Mortensen TH, Staun M, Thorsen S (2002)
[Pregnancy-related thrombocytosis]
Ugeskr Laeger, 164 (34), 3946-9
PubMed 12212474

Mortensen TB, Jønsson V, Wiik A, Bock JE (2002)
[Forty four pregnancies with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura]
Ugeskr Laeger, 164 (34), 3968-72
PubMed 12212479

Publications 2001

Jorulf H, Finnbogason T, Jönsson V, Ringertz H (2001)
Pediatric PACS, Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital at Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, technical and practical aspects
Comput Methods Programs Biomed, 66 (1), 25-30
PubMed 11378218

Ringsted C, Schroeder TV, Henriksen J, Ramsing B, Lyngdorf P, Jønsson V, Scherpbier A (2001)
Medical students' experience in practical skills is far from stakeholders' expectations
Med Teach, 23 (4), 412-416
PubMed 12098390

Publications 2000

Bock JE, Jønsson V (2000)
[Innate mechanisms during pregnancy]
Ugeskr Laeger, 162 (3), 366-8
PubMed 10680480

Gudmundsdottir E, Jonasson F, Jonsson V, Stefánsson E, Sasaki H, Sasaki K (2000)
"With the rule" astigmatism is not the rule in the elderly. Reykjavik Eye Study: a population based study of refraction and visual acuity in citizens of Reykjavik 50 years and older. Iceland-Japan Co-Working Study Groups
Acta Ophthalmol Scand, 78 (6), 642-6
PubMed 11167223

Jønsson V, Friis-Hansen LJ, Hou-Jensen K (2000)
[Picture of the month. Splenomegaly with hereditary stomatocytosis]
Ugeskr Laeger, 162 (31), 4158
PubMed 10962920

Jønsson V, Gemmell CG, Wiik A (2000)
Emerging concepts in the management of the malignant haematological disorders
Expert Opin Pharmacother, 1 (4), 713-35
PubMed 11249512

Jønsson V, Lyngdorf P, Bygum T, Jørgensen LG, Ringsted CV, Schroeder TV (2000)
[Problem-based learning in medical education]
Ugeskr Laeger, 162 (8), 1068-72
PubMed 10741244

Molander S, Jønsson V, Andersen LP, Bennedsen M, Christiansen M, Hou-Jensen K, Madsen HO, Ryder LP, Permin H, Wiik A (2000)
[Pseudolymphoma and ventricular maltoma in patients with chronic gastritis, ulcer and Helicobacter pylori infection]
Ugeskr Laeger, 162 (6), 791-5
PubMed 10689954

Publications 1999

Arnarsson A, Jonasson F, Jonsson V, Sasaki H, Stefansson E, Bjarnadottir G, Hardarson T, Bjarnadottir A, Sasaki K (1999)
[Age and sex specific prevalence of lens opacifications in Iceland.]
Laeknabladid, 85 (10), 778-86
PubMed 19439785

Jønsson V, Hansen MM, Ljungman P, Kaasa S (1999)
Pharmacoeconomic considerations in treating patients with acute leukaemia
Pharmacoeconomics, 15 (2), 167-78
PubMed 10351190

Jønsson V, Kierkegaard A, Salling S, Molander S, Andersen LP, Christiansen M, Wiik A (1999)
Autoimmunity in Waldenström's macroglobulinaemia
Leuk Lymphoma, 34 (3-4), 373-9
PubMed 10439374

Jønsson V, Wiik A, Hou-Jensen K, Christiansen M, Ryder LP, Madsen HO, Geisler C, Hansen MM, Thomsen K, Vorstrup S, Svejgaard A (1999)
Autoimmunity and extranodal lymphocytic infiltrates in lymphoproliferative disorders
J Intern Med, 245 (3), 277-86
PubMed 10205590

Publications 1998

Eysteinsson T, Jónasson F, Jónsson V, Bird AC (1998)
Helicoidal peripapillary chorioretinal degeneration: electrophysiology and psychophysics in 17 patients
Br J Ophthalmol, 82 (3), 280-5
PubMed 9602625

Jønsson V, Rasmussen N, Juhl BR, Gimsing P, Vorstrup S (1998)
Combined bilateral submandibular and sublingual swelling, macroglossus, and carpal tunnel syndrome caused by light chain amyloidosis
Ear Nose Throat J, 77 (2), 95-8, 100-1
PubMed 9509722

Ringdén O, Jønsson V, Hansen M, Tollemar J, Jacobsen N (1998)
Severe and common side-effects of amphotericin B lipid complex (Abelcet)
Bone Marrow Transplant, 22 (7), 733-4
PubMed 9818706

Publications 1997

Moser C, Jønsson V, Thomsen K, Albrectsen J, Hansen MM, Prag J (1997)
Subcutaneous lesions and bacteraemia due to Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in three leukaemic patients with neutropenia
Br J Dermatol, 136 (6), 949-52
PubMed 9217834

Taaning E, Knudsen FU, Thorsen S, Jønsson V (1997)
Immunization against platelet glycoprotein IIb-IIIa in Glanzmann's thrombasthenia
Eur J Haematol, 58 (5), 360-1
PubMed 9222293

Publications 1996

Jønsson V, Svendsen B, Vorstrup S, Krarup C, Schmalbruch H, Thomsen K, Heegaard NH, Wiik A, Hansen MM (1996)
Multiple autoimmune manifestations in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance and chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Leukemia, 10 (2), 327-32
PubMed 8637242

Publications 1995

Jønsson V, Clausen SR, Hansen MM (1995)
Pharmacoeconomic aspects in the treatment of curable and incurable cancer
Pharmacoeconomics, 8 (4), 275-81
PubMed 10155669

Pedersen-Bjergaard J, Jønsson V, Pedersen M, Hou-Jensen K (1995)
Leiomyosarcoma of the urinary bladder after cyclophosphamide
J Clin Oncol, 13 (2), 532-3
PubMed 7844616

Ryding J, Heslet L, Hartvig T, Jønsson V (1995)
Reversal of 'refractory septic shock' by infusion of amrinone and angiotensin II in an anthracycline-treated patient
Chest, 107 (1), 201-3
PubMed 7813278

Publications 1994

Arpi M, Victor MA, Møller JK, Jønsson V, Hansen MM, Peterslund NA, Bruun B (1994)
Changing etiology of bacteremia in patients with hematological malignancies in Denmark
Scand J Infect Dis, 26 (2), 157-62
PubMed 8036471

Victor MA, Arpi M, Bruun B, Jønsson V, Hansen MM (1994)
Xanthomonas maltophilia bacteremia in immunocompromised hematological patients
Scand J Infect Dis, 26 (2), 163-70
PubMed 8036472

Publications 1993

Sklenar I, Schiffman G, Jønsson V, Verhoef G, Birgens H, Boogaerts M, Ferrant A, Christensen BE, Hasle H, Drivsholm A (1993)
Effect of various doses of intravenous polyclonal IgG on in vivo levels of 12 pneumococcal antibodies in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and multiple myeloma
Oncology, 50 (6), 466-77
PubMed 8233289

Publications 1992

Jønsson V, Bock JE, Nielsen JB (1992)
Significance of plasma skimming and plasma volume expansion
J Appl Physiol (1985), 72 (6), 2047-51
PubMed 1629055

Jønsson V, Schrøder HD, Trojaborg W, Jensen TS, Hippe E, Mørk Hansen M (1992)
Autoimmune reactions in patients with M-component and peripheral neuropathy
J Intern Med, 232 (2), 185-91
PubMed 1506817

Publications 1991

Hippe E, Jønsson V, von der Maase H, Mathiesen JC, Skovgaard Poulsen H (1991)
Homoeostatic response criteria for cancer therapy
Eur J Cancer, 27 (12), 1715-6
PubMed 1782092

Publications 1990

Bendtzen K, Svenson M, Jønsson V, Hippe E (1990)
Autoantibodies to cytokines--friends or foes?
Immunol Today, 11 (5), 167-9
PubMed 2186750

Publications 1988

Hippe E, Jønsson V, Schrøder HD, Jensen TS (1988)
Ara-C vasculitis
Eur J Haematol, 41 (1), 96
PubMed 3165346

Jensen TS, Schrøder HD, Jønsson V, Ernerudh J, Stigsby B, Kamieniecka Z, Hippe E, Trojaborg W (1988)
IgM monoclonal gammopathy and neuropathy in two siblings
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, 51 (10), 1308-15
PubMed 2852210

Jonsson V (1988)
An easy step-by-step method of selecting hospital disinfectants
Exec Housekeep Today, 9 (9), 12
PubMed 10289862

Jønsson V, Schrøder HD, Staehelin Jensen T, Nolsøe C, Stigsby B, Trojaborg W, Svejgaard A, Hippe E (1988)
Autoimmunity related to IgM monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance. Peripheral neuropathy and connective tissue sensibilization caused by IgM M-proteins
Acta Med Scand, 223 (3), 255-61
PubMed 3354352

Publications 1987

Jønsson V, Jensen TS, Friis ML, Schrøder HD, Stigsby B, Struck J, Hippe E, Trojaborg W (1987)
Immunoglobulin deposits in peripheral nerve endings detected by skin biopsy in patients with IgM M proteins and neuropathy
Neurology, 37 (2), 303-6
PubMed 3027613

Pers C, Kristiansen JE, Jønsson V, Hansen NE (1987)
Rothia dentocariosa septicaemia in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and toxic granulocytopenia
Dan Med Bull, 34 (6), 322-3
PubMed 3436159

Struck J, Schrøder HD, Jønsson V, Jensen TS, Stigsby B, Friis ML, Hippe E (1987)
[IgM M-component associated neuropathy. A new autoimmune disease entity]
Ugeskr Laeger, 149 (3), 160-2
PubMed 3029934

Svendsen JH, Jønsson V, Niebuhr U (1987)
Combined pericarditis and pneumonia caused by Legionella infection
Br Heart J, 58 (6), 663-4
PubMed 3426902

Publications 1986

Jonsson V (1986)
The safe handling of infectious waste
Exec Housekeep Today, 7 (3), 6-7
PubMed 10275815

Jonsson V (1986)
Selecting hand soaps for hospital use
Exec Housekeep Today, 7 (8), 14-15, 31
PubMed 10278488

Jønsson V, Lange Wantzin G, Badsberg E, Menné T, Videbaek A (1986)
A transitional variant of a T-lymphoproliferative malignancy. Two cases of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma co-expressing E and Fc gamma receptors with final leukaemic transformation
Scand J Haematol, 36 (3), 246-52
PubMed 2939548

Publications 1985

Jønsson V (1985)
Comparison and definition of spleen and lymph node: a phylogenetic analysis
J Theor Biol, 117 (4), 691-9
PubMed 4094460

Publications 1984

Videbaek A, Jønsson V, Christensen BE (1984)
[Past research on the physiology of the spleen. The role of the spleen in the immune system]
Nord Med, 99 (12), 316-8
PubMed 6514565

Publications 1983

Brocks K, Eriksen N, Jønsson V, Hansen M, Brahm M, Hertz J, Jørgensen BC, Winthereik B (1983)
[4 simultaneous cases of methanol poisoning caused by home-made plum brandy]
Ugeskr Laeger, 145 (4), 232-4
PubMed 6845480

Christensen BE, Jønsson V, Videbaek A (1983)
The spleen in lymphoproliferative disorders
Clin Haematol, 12 (2), 517-33
PubMed 6352115

Ehlin-Henriksson B, Clark EA, Jønsson V, Klein G (1983)
Studies on the B lymphoblast antigen No. 1 (BB-1) on a series of Burkitt lymphoma lines differing in the expression of the EBV/C3 receptor complex
J Immunol, 130 (5), 2448-52
PubMed 6187858

Publications 1982

Jønsson V, Andersen BL, Brandrup F, Christensen BE, Rothenborg HW, Thomsen K (1982)
E receptor expression of T lymphocytes in T lymphoproliferative diseases
Scand J Haematol, 28 (4), 329-34
PubMed 6981201

Jønsson V, Hippe E, Clemmensen OJ, Badsberg E, Videbaek A (1982)
Malignant centroblastic-histiocytic lymphoma of the skin
Scand J Haematol, 29 (4), 295-8
PubMed 6758107

Jønsson V, Wells A, Klein G (1982)
Receptors for the complement C3d component and the Epstein-Barr virus are quantitatively coexpressed on a series of B-cell lines and their derived somatic cell hybrids
Cell Immunol, 72 (2), 263-76
PubMed 6983911

Publications 1981

Algvere P, Jonsson V, Svedbergh B (1981)
Vascular damage in the anterior uvea induced by intravitreal autogenous blood
Albrecht Von Graefes Arch Klin Exp Ophthalmol, 217 (4), 273-83
PubMed 6915723

Christensen BE, Jønsson V, Videbaek A (1981)
[The spleen and the bone marrow]
Ugeskr Laeger, 143 (28), 1778-80
PubMed 7292763

Jønsson V, Christensen BE, Videbaek A (1981)
Quantitation of complement C3b and C3d surface receptors on neoplastic IgM positive B lymphocytes
Acta Pathol Microbiol Scand C, 89 (4), 269-74
PubMed 6976063

Jønsson V, Klein G (1981)
Fc and C3 receptor patterns on two EBV- negative Burkitt lymphoma lines during acute exposure to EBV (P3HR-1 substrain)
Eur J Cancer, 17 (2), 161-5
PubMed 6266834

Svedbergh B, Jonsson V, Afzelius B (1981)
Immotile-cilia syndrome and the cilia of the eye
Albrecht Von Graefes Arch Klin Exp Ophthalmol, 215 (4), 265-72
PubMed 6971584

Publications 1980

Christensen BE, Scheibel EB, Krasilnikoff PA, Jønsson V (1980)
[Hemolytic-aplastic crisis in hereditary spherocytosis. Simultaneous acute development of severe anemia requiring transfusion in 5 family members]
Ugeskr Laeger, 142 (31), 1990-2
PubMed 7404817

Enk C, Jønsson V, Christensen BE (1980)
Human lymphocyte populations in blood after tetanus vaccination
Scand J Haematol, 24 (2), 181-6
PubMed 6990469

Publications 1979

Hansen MS, Christensen BE, Jønsson V (1979)
The effect of acetyl salicylic acid and dipyridamole on thromboembolic complications in splenectomized patients with myelofibrosis
Scand J Haematol, 23 (3), 177-81
PubMed 504965

Sørensen SF, Dirksen A, Jensenius J, Jønsson V, Platz P, Hansen GS (1979)
Effects of acetylsalicylic acid on lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood
Acta Pathol Microbiol Scand C, 87C (2), 107-12
PubMed 87107

Publications 1978

Christensen BE, Jønsson V, Matre R, Tønder O (1978)
Traffic of T and B lymphocytes in the normal spleen
Scand J Haematol, 20 (3), 246-57
PubMed 306126

Jønsson V, Christensen BE (1978)
The phylogenetic evolution of the lymph node
Scand J Haematol, 20 (1), 5-12
PubMed 305102

Jønsson V, Christensen BE (1978)
51Cr labelling of normal human T and B lymphocytes for kinetic studies in vivo. Fundamental lymphocyte kinetic considerations
Scand J Haematol, 20 (4), 319-29
PubMed 306661

Publications 1977

Jonsson V, Christensen BE (1977)
Distribution of B, T, and O lymphocytes in blood and tissues of normal humans reflecting a kinetic model
Scand J Haematol, 18 (3), 185-96
PubMed 300493

Jonsson V, Christensen BE (1977)
Semiquantitative determination of Cc and C3 receptors on human lymphocytes by isotope-labelled marker cells
Scand J Haematol, 19 (4), 367-75
PubMed 303371

Jonsson V, Liu GJ, Armbruster J, Kettelhut LL, Drucker B (1977)
Chlorohydrocarbon pesticide residues in human milk in Greater St. Louis, Missouri 1977
Am J Clin Nutr, 30 (7), 1106-9
PubMed 69397

Manthorpe R, Jonsson V, Christensen BE, Hesselvik M, Egeberg J, Videbaek A (1977)
A case of T-cell lymphoma with Sézary cells in the blood and bone marrow accompanied by peripheral T and B lymphocytosis
Scand J Haematol, 18 (5), 449-54
PubMed 141728

Publications 1976

Axelsen NH, Harboe M, Jonsson V, Videbaek AA (1976)
Mu-chain disease in a case of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and malignant histiocytoma. II. Immunochemical studies
Scand J Haematol, 16 (3), 218-25
PubMed 179131

Jonsson V, Christensen BE, Kofod B (1976)
Estimation of B- and T-lymphocytes in lymphoid tissue by means of photometry and 51Cr labelled marker erythrocytes
Scand J Haematol, 16 (4), 285-9
PubMed 1084550

Jonsson V, Videbek A, Axelsen NH, Harboe M (1976)
mu-chain disease in a case of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and malignant histiocytoma. I. Clinical aspects
Scand J Haematol, 16 (3), 209-17
PubMed 179130

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Transfer factor, sarcoidosis and cellular immunity
Acta Pathol Microbiol Scand C, 84 (1), 68-70
PubMed 1083624

Publications 1975

Jonsson V (1975)
Influence of prednisone and cytostatics on human blood B-, T- and O-lymphocytes in diseases
Scand J Haematol, 15 (2), 109-16
PubMed 1081272

Publications 1974

Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol., 24 (2), 307

Jonsson V (1974)
Technical aspects of the rosette technique for detecting human circulating B and T lymphocytes. Normal values and some remarks on null lymphocytes
Scand J Haematol, 13 (5), 361-9
PubMed 4616331

Jonsson V, Manthorpe R (1974)
Hyperlipaemia following phlebotomies. Hyperlipaemia of Fredrickson's type V after phlebotomies for control of erythrocytosis
Atherosclerosis, 20 (1), 89-92
PubMed 4376407

Publications 1973

Lyon G, Hors-Cayla MC, Jonsson V, Maroteaux P (1973)
[Ultrastructural aspects and biochemical significance of metachromatic granulations and other inclusions in cultured fibroblasts from lipidosis and mucopolysaccharidosis]
J Neurol Sci, 19 (2), 235-53
PubMed 4351452

Publications 1971

Felluga B, Jonsson V, Liljeros MR (1971)
Ultrastructure of new viruslike particles in Drosophila
J Invertebr Pathol, 17 (3), 339-46
PubMed 5581812

Publications 1970

Jonsson V (1970)
Letters to the editor
Am J Public Health Nations Health, 60 (9), 1688-9
PubMed 18018303

Publications 1969

Armstrong RW, Eichner ER, Klein DE, Barthel WF, Bennett JV, Jonsson V, Bruce H, Loveless LE (1969)
Pentachlorophenol poisoning in a nursery for newborn infants. II. Epidemiologic and toxicologic studies
J Pediatr, 75 (2), 317-25
PubMed 5795353

Kriel RL, Poland JD, Jonsson V, Chin TD (1969)
St. Louis encephalitis in St. Louis County, Missouri, during 1966
Am J Trop Med Hyg, 18 (3), 460-5
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Pendergraph GE, Evert LD, Morrell MJ, Jonsson V (1969)
The dog heartworm: a possible problem in man
Mo Med, 66 (9), 731-3 passim
PubMed 5387520

Publications 1960

JONSSON V (1960)
[Law suits of patients]
Laeknabladid, 44, 43-5
PubMed 14407839

Publications 1959

JONSSON V (1959)
[Word and word meaning]
Laeknabladid, 43, 113-7
PubMed 14407838

Publications 1955

JONSSON V (1955)
[Thorvaldsen and Oehlenschläger]
Laeknabladid, 39 (8-9), 124-39
PubMed 13307909

Publications 1948

JØNSSON V (1948)
[Not Available]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 68 (7), 163
PubMed 18860995