Michael Bretthauer
Position: Professor
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Publications in press

Bretthauer M, Brandrud AS
Endoscopy training: time to stop counting procedures?
Gut (in press)
PubMed 24604824

Publications 2014

Gjersvik P, Hem E, Jacobsen GW, Bretthauer M (2014)
[What should non-inferiority studies be called in Norwegian?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 134 (8), 852-3
PubMed 24780988

Gjersvik P, Hem E, Jacobsen GW, Bretthauer M (2014)
[In Process Citation]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 134 (12-13), 1215
PubMed 24989185

Hoff G, Bretthauer M, Garborg K, Eide TJ (2014)
[Consensus-based guidelines may prevent necessary research]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 134 (2), 148-9
PubMed 24477144

Kalager M, Adami HO, Bretthauer M (2014)
Too much mammography
BMJ, 348, g1403
PubMed 24519765

Kalager M, Løberg M, Bretthauer M, Adami HO (2014)
Comparative analysis of breast cancer mortality following mammography screening in Denmark and Norway
Ann Oncol, 25 (6), 1137-43
PubMed 24669012

van Dam L, Bretthauer M (2014)
Ethical issues in colorectal cancer screening
Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol, 28 (2), 315-26
PubMed 24810192

Publications 2013

Bretthauer M, Holme Ø, Garborg K (2013)
Computed tomography colonography vs. colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening: close call, but not closed case
Endoscopy, 45 (3), 159-60
PubMed 23446666

Bretthauer M, Kalager M (2013)
Principles, effectiveness and caveats in screening for cancer
Br J Surg, 100 (1), 55-65
PubMed 23212620

Fossmark R, Bretthauer M, Gustafsson BI (2013)
[Who should perform endoscopies?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 133 (11), 1171
PubMed 23759774

Garborg K, Holme Ø, Løberg M, Kalager M, Adami HO, Bretthauer M (2013)
Current status of screening for colorectal cancer
Ann Oncol, 24 (8), 1963-72
PubMed 23619033

Hassan C, Bretthauer M, Kaminski MF, Polkowski M, Rembacken B, Saunders B, Benamouzig R, Holme O, Green S, Kuiper T, Marmo R, Omar M, Petruzziello L, Spada C, Zullo A, Dumonceau JM, European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (2013)
Bowel preparation for colonoscopy: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) guideline
Endoscopy, 45 (2), 142-50
PubMed 23335011

Hoff G, Bretthauer M, Garborg K, Eide TJ (2013)
New polyps, old tricks: controversy about removing benign bowel lesions
BMJ, 347, f5843
PubMed 24103540

Holme O, Bretthauer M, de Lange T, Seip B, Huppertz-Hauss G, Høie O, Sandvei P, Ystrøm CM, Hoff G (2013)
Risk stratification to predict pain during unsedated colonoscopy: results of a multicenter cohort study
Endoscopy, 45 (9), 691-6
PubMed 23884794

Holme Ø, Bretthauer M, Fretheim A, Odgaard-Jensen J, Hoff G (2013)
Flexible sigmoidoscopy versus faecal occult blood testing for colorectal cancer screening in asymptomatic individuals
Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 9, CD009259
PubMed 24085634

Holme Ø, Moritz V, Bretthauer M, Seip B, Glomsaker T, de Lange T, Aabakken L, Stallemo A, Høie O, Dahler S, Sandvei PK, Stray N, Ystrøm CM, Hoff G (2013)
[Pain in connection with colonoscopy in Norway]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 133 (10), 1074-8
PubMed 23712171

Kalager M, Løberg M, Bretthauer M (2013)
Limited use of nonprogram screening in Norway
Int J Cancer, 132 (7), 1723-4
PubMed 22933134

Kalager M, Løberg M, Fønnebø VM, Bretthauer M (2013)
Failure to account for selection-bias
Int J Cancer, 133 (11), 2751-3
PubMed 23649899

Kuipers EJ, Rösch T, Bretthauer M (2013)
Colorectal cancer screening--optimizing current strategies and new directions
Nat Rev Clin Oncol, 10 (3), 130-42
PubMed 23381005

Thiis-Evensen E, Kalager M, Bretthauer M, Hoff G (2013)
Long-term effectiveness of endoscopic screening on incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer: A randomized trial
United European Gastroenterol J, 1 (3), 162-8
PubMed 24917955

Vandvik PO, Bretthauer M, Kongerud IC (2013)
From clinical questions to trustworthy answers
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 133 (15), 1611-4
PubMed 23970279

Publications 2012

Ahmed D, Danielsen SA, Aagesen TH, Bretthauer M, Thiis-Evensen E, Hoff G, Rognum TO, Nesbakken A, Lothe RA, Lind GE (2012)
A tissue-based comparative effectiveness analysis of biomarkers for early detection of colorectal tumors
Clin Transl Gastroenterol, 3, e27
PubMed 23324654

Berstad P, Løberg M, Kalager M, Jørgensen A, Garborg K, Ruud HK, Bretthauer M, Hoff G (2012)
Risk stratification for advanced colorectal neoplasia--letter
Cancer Prev Res (Phila), 5 (12), 1405; author reply 1406
PubMed 23151804

Bretthauer M, Hoff G (2012)
Comparative effectiveness research in cancer screening programmes
BMJ, 344, e2864
PubMed 22628002

Bretthauer M, Kalager M (2012)
Colorectal-Cancer Screening Reply
N. Engl. J. Med., 366 (22), 2131

Bretthauer M, Kalager M (2012)
Colonoscopy as a triage screening test
N Engl J Med, 366 (8), 759-60
PubMed 22356330

European Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines Working Group, von Karsa L, Patnick J, Segnan N, Atkin W, Halloran S, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I, Malila N, Minozzi S, Moss S, Quirke P, Steele RJ, Vieth M, Aabakken L, Altenhofen L, Ancelle-Park R, Antoljak N, Anttila A, Armaroli P, Arrossi S, Austoker J, Banzi R, Bellisario C, Blom J, Brenner H et al. (2012)
European guidelines for quality assurance in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis: overview and introduction to the full supplement publication
Endoscopy, 45 (1), 51-9
PubMed 23212726

Garborg K, Bretthauer M (2012)
Can old dogs learn new tricks?
J Interv Gastroenterol, 2 (3), 126-127
PubMed 23805392

Garborg KK, Løberg M, Matre J, Holme O, Kalager M, Hoff G, Bretthauer M (2012)
Reduced pain during screening colonoscopy with an ultrathin colonoscope: a randomized controlled trial
Endoscopy, 44 (8), 740-6
PubMed 22622786

Hoff G, Moritz V, Bretthauer M, Aabakken L, Berset IP, Glomsaker T, Høie O, de Lange T (2012)
Incontinence after colonoscopy--an unrecognized and preventable problem. A cross-sectional study from the Gastronet quality assurance program
Endoscopy, 44 (4), 349-53
PubMed 22392101

Kalager M, Adami HO, Bretthauer M, Tamimi RM (2012)
Overdiagnosis of Invasive Breast Cancer due to Mammography Screening RESPONSE
Ann. Intern. Med., 157 (3), 221-222

Kalager M, Adami HO, Bretthauer M, Tamimi RM (2012)
Overdiagnosis of invasive breast cancer due to mammography screening: results from the Norwegian screening program
Ann Intern Med, 156 (7), 491-9
PubMed 22473436

Kalager M, Tamimi RM, Bretthauer M, Adami HO (2012)
Prognosis in women with interval breast cancer: population based observational cohort study
BMJ, 345, e7536
PubMed 23160783

Kaminski MF, Bretthauer M, Zauber AG, Kuipers EJ, Adami HO, van Ballegooijen M, Regula J, van Leerdam M, Stefansson T, Påhlman L, Dekker E, Hernán MA, Garborg K, Hoff G (2012)
The NordICC Study: rationale and design of a randomized trial on colonoscopy screening for colorectal cancer
Endoscopy, 44 (7), 695-702
PubMed 22723185

Lenz P, Domagk D, Mensink P, Aktas H, Bretthauer M (2012)
Single- versus double-balloon enteroscopy: the evidence base: Comment on Endoscopy essentials, Small-bowel endoscopy
Endoscopy, 44 (8), 799; author reply 800
PubMed 22833025

Moritz V, Bretthauer M, Ruud HK, Glomsaker T, de Lange T, Sandvei P, Huppertz-Hauss G, Kjellevold Ø, Hoff G (2012)
Withdrawal time as a quality indicator for colonoscopy - a nationwide analysis
Endoscopy, 44 (5), 476-81
PubMed 22531983

Valori R, Rey JF, Atkin WS, Bretthauer M, Senore C, Hoff G, Kuipers EJ, Altenhofen L, Lambert R, Minoli G, International Agency for Research on Cancer (2012)
European guidelines for quality assurance in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis. First Edition--Quality assurance in endoscopy in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis
Endoscopy, 44 Suppl 3, SE88-105
PubMed 23012124

Publications 2011

Bretthauer M (2011)
Colorectal cancer screening
J Intern Med, 270 (2), 87-98
PubMed 21575082

Bretthauer M, Haug C (2011)
[What is established treatment?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 131 (13-14), 1275
PubMed 21725376

Cotton PB, Bretthauer M (2011)
Quality assurance in gastroenterology
Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol, 25 (3), 335-6
PubMed 21764001

de Vogel S, Schneede J, Ueland PM, Vollset SE, Meyer K, Fredriksen A, Midttun Ø, Bjørge T, Kampman E, Bretthauer M, Hoff G (2011)
Biomarkers related to one-carbon metabolism as potential risk factors for distal colorectal adenomas
Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 20 (8), 1726-35
PubMed 21693628

Domagk D, Mensink P, Aktas H, Lenz P, Meister T, Luegering A, Ullerich H, Aabakken L, Heinecke A, Domschke W, Kuipers E, Bretthauer M (2011)
Single- vs. double-balloon enteroscopy in small-bowel diagnostics: a randomized multicenter trial
Endoscopy, 43 (6), 472-6
PubMed 21384320

Hoff G, Moritz V, Bretthauer M, Ludolph T, Huppertz-Hauss G, Paulsen J, Seip B, Sauar J, Kjellevold Ø, Chengarov L (2011)
Colonoscope with a sub-distal hyper-flaccid segment for improved insertion at colonoscopy: a randomized study
Scand J Gastroenterol, 46 (1), 104-8
PubMed 20923378

Hoff G, Volker M, Bretthauer M, Aabakken L, Høie O, Delange T, Berset I, Kjellevold Ø, Glomsaker T, Huppertz-Hauss G, Lange O, Sandvei P (2011)
Gastronet survey on the use of one- or two-person technique for colonoscopy insertion
BMC Gastroenterol, 11, 73
PubMed 21672243

Holme Ö, Höie O, Matre J, Stallemo A, Garborg K, Hasund A, Wiig H, Hoff G, Bretthauer M (2011)
Magnetic endoscopic imaging versus standard colonoscopy in a routine colonoscopy setting: a randomized, controlled trial
Gastrointest Endosc, 73 (6), 1215-22
PubMed 21481862

Lind GE, Danielsen SA, Ahlquist T, Merok MA, Andresen K, Skotheim RI, Hektoen M, Rognum TO, Meling GI, Hoff G, Bretthauer M, Thiis-Evensen E, Nesbakken A, Lothe RA (2011)
Identification of an epigenetic biomarker panel with high sensitivity and specificity for colorectal cancer and adenomas
Mol Cancer, 10, 85
PubMed 21777459

Løberg M, Furholm S, Hoff I, Aabakken L, Hoff G, Bretthauer M (2011)
Nitrous oxide for analgesia in colonoscopy without sedation
Gastrointest Endosc, 74 (6), 1347-53
PubMed 22136779

Publications 2010

Bretthauer M (2010)
Evidence for colorectal cancer screening
Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol, 24 (4), 417-25
PubMed 20833346

Bretthauer M (2010)
Which tool is best for colorectal cancer screening?
BMJ, 340, c2831
PubMed 20516015

Bretthauer M (2010)
["Shall I not be randomized?"]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 130 (11), 1119
PubMed 20531489

Bretthauer M (2010)
Turning science into clinical practice - the case of carbon dioxide insufflation
Endoscopy, 42 (12), 1104-5
PubMed 21120777

Bretthauer M (2010)
Colorectal cancer screening Author's reply
Br. Med. J., 341, c4620

Hoff G, Bretthauer M (2010)
[Colorectal cancer screening--at last discussed!]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 130 (20), 2012
PubMed 20967034

Seip B, Bretthauer M, Dahler S, Friestad J, Huppertz-Hauss G, Høie O, Kittang E, Nyhus S, Pallenschat J, Sandvei P, Stallemo A, Svendsen MV, Hoff G (2010)
Sustaining the vitality of colonoscopy quality improvement programmes over time. Experience from the Norwegian Gastronet programme
Scand J Gastroenterol, 45 (3), 362-9
PubMed 20095874

Seip B, Bretthauer M, Dahler S, Friestad J, Huppertz-Hauss G, Høie O, Kittang E, Nyhus S, Pallenschat J, Sandvei P, Stallemo A, Svendsen MV, Hoff G (2010)
Patient satisfaction with on-demand sedation for outpatient colonoscopy
Endoscopy, 42 (8), 639-46
PubMed 20669075

Publications 2009

Bretthauer M (2009)
The First Transatlantic Symposium on Colorectal Cancer Screening
Endoscopy, 41 (9), 816-7
PubMed 19685421

Bretthauer M (2009)
Capsule Endoscopy versus Colonoscopy REPLY
N. Engl. J. Med., 361 (16), 1609-1610

Bretthauer M (2009)
[A year with New England Journal of Medicine]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 129 (19), 1971
PubMed 19823197

Bretthauer M (2009)
The capsule and colorectal-cancer screening--the crux of the matter
N Engl J Med, 361 (3), 300-1
PubMed 19605836

Bretthauer M (2009)
[Do you understand me?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 129 (21), 2211
PubMed 19898565

Bretthauer M, Haug C (2009)
[Without registration, no publishing!]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 129 (8), 733
PubMed 19373295

Hoff G, Grotmol T, Skovlund E, Bretthauer M, Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention Study Group (2009)
Risk of colorectal cancer seven years after flexible sigmoidoscopy screening: randomised controlled trial
BMJ, 338, b1846
PubMed 19483252

Hoff G, Ottestad PM, Skafløtten SR, Bretthauer M, Moritz V (2009)
Quality assurance as an integrated part of the electronic medical record - a prototype applied for colonoscopy
Scand J Gastroenterol, 44 (10), 1259-65
PubMed 19658021

Kalager M, Bretthauer M (2009)
Spontaneous regression of invasive breast cancer: does this study answer the question?
Arch Intern Med, 169 (10), 997
PubMed 19468097

Kalager M, Haldorsen T, Bretthauer M, Hoff G, Thoresen SO, Adami HO (2009)
Improved breast cancer survival following introduction of an organized mammography screening program among both screened and unscreened women: a population-based cohort study
Breast Cancer Res, 11 (4), R44
PubMed 19575807

Publications 2008

Bretthauer M (2008)
Are sodium phosphate tablets better than polyethylene glycol solution plus bisacodyl tablets for bowel preparation?
Nat Clin Pract Gastroenterol Hepatol, 5 (6), 296-7
PubMed 18461058

Bretthauer M (2008)
Erroneous on screening colonoscopy
Z. Gastroent., 46 (6), 633

Bretthauer M (2008)
[Statistical significance and clinical relevance]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 128 (3), 279
PubMed 18264146

Hoff G, Bretthauer M (2008)
The impact of appointments timed in proximity to annual milestones on compliance with screening: randomised controlled trial
Br. Med. J., 337, a2794

Hoff G, Bretthauer M (2008)
Appointments timed in proximity to annual milestones and compliance with screening: randomised controlled trial
BMJ, 337, a2794
PubMed 19091759

Seip B, Huppertz-Hauss G, Sauar J, Bretthauer M, Hoff G (2008)
Patients' satisfaction: an important factor in quality control of gastroscopies
Scand J Gastroenterol, 43 (8), 1004-11
PubMed 19086282

Publications 2007

Bretthauer M, Hoff G (2007)
[Prevention and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 127 (20), 2688-91
PubMed 17952153

Bretthauer M, Seip B, Aasen S, Kordal M, Hoff G, Aabakken L (2007)
Carbon dioxide insufflation for more comfortable endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a randomized, controlled, double-blind trial
Endoscopy, 39 (1), 58-64
PubMed 17252462

Domagk D, Bretthauer M, Lenz P, Aabakken L, Ullerich H, Maaser C, Domschke W, Kucharzik T (2007)
Carbon dioxide insufflation improves intubation depth in double-balloon enteroscopy: a randomized, controlled, double-blind trial
Endoscopy, 39 (12), 1064-7
PubMed 18072057

Hoff G, Bretthauer M (2007)
Colonic explosion: an unavoidable complication?
Endoscopy, 39 (3), 258
PubMed 17385113

Hoff G, Bretthauer M, Dahler S, Huppertz-Hauss G, Sauar J, Paulsen J, Seip B, Moritz V (2007)
Improvement in caecal intubation rate and pain reduction by using 3-dimensional magnetic imaging for unsedated colonoscopy: a randomized trial of patients referred for colonoscopy
Scand J Gastroenterol, 42 (7), 885-9
PubMed 17558914

Søreide K, Bretthauer M (2007)
[Colorectal cancer--a disease one doesn't talk about]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 127 (20), 2651
PubMed 17952144

Aabakken L, Bretthauer M, Line PD (2007)
Double-balloon enteroscopy for endoscopic retrograde cholangiography in patients with a Roux-en-Y anastomosis
Endoscopy, 39 (12), 1068-71
PubMed 18072058

Publications 2006

Bretthauer M (2006)
[Can CT colonography replace coloscopy?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (11), 1464
PubMed 16732337

Bretthauer M, Ekbom A, Malila N, Stefánsson T, Fischer A, Hof G, Weiderpass E, Tretli S, Tryggvadóttir L, Storm H, Holten I, Adam HO (2006)
[Screening for colorectal cancer. Collaboration among politicians and scientists is necessary]
Laeknabladid, 92 (7-8), 521-4
PubMed 16818999

Bretthauer M, Ekbom A, Malila N, Stefansson T, Fischer A, Hoff G, Weiderpass E, Tretli S, Trygvadottir L, Holten IW, Storm HH, Adami HO (2006)
[Politics and science in colorectal cancer screening]
Ugeskr Laeger, 168 (26-32), 2563-5
PubMed 16824412

Bretthauer M, Ekbom A, Malila N, Stefansson T, Fischer A, Hoff G, Weiderpass E, Tretli S, Trygvadottir L, Storm H, Holten I, Adami HO, NordICC-gruppen (Nordic Initiative on Colorectal Cancer) (2006)
[Politics and science in colorectal cancer screening]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (13), 1766-7
PubMed 16794676

Hoff G, Bretthauer M (2006)
The science and politics of colorectal cancer screening
PLoS Med, 3 (1), e36; quiz e104
PubMed 16383349

Hoff G, Bretthauer M, Huppertz-Hauss G, Kittang E, Stallemo A, Høie O, Dahler S, Nyhus S, Halvorsen FA, Pallenschat J, Vetvik K, Kristian Sandvei P, Friestad J, Pytte R, Coll P (2006)
The Norwegian Gastronet project: Continuous quality improvement of colonoscopy in 14 Norwegian centres
Scand J Gastroenterol, 41 (4), 481-7
PubMed 16635918

Publications 2005

Bretthauer M, Hoff G (2005)
[Quality improvement in Norwegian hospitals]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 125 (9), 1150
PubMed 15880147

Bretthauer M, Lynge AB, Thiis-Evensen E, Hoff G, Fausa O, Aabakken L (2005)
Carbon dioxide insufflation in colonoscopy: safe and effective in sedated patients
Endoscopy, 37 (8), 706-9
PubMed 16032487

Gondal G, Grotmol T, Hofstad B, Bretthauer M, Eide TJ, Hoff G (2005)
Lifestyle-related risk factors and chemoprevention for colorectal neoplasia: experience from the large-scale NORCCAP screening trial
Eur J Cancer Prev, 14 (4), 373-9
PubMed 16030428

Gondal G, Grotmol T, Hofstad B, Bretthauer M, Eide TJ, Hoff G (2005)
Biopsy of colorectal polyps is not adequate for grading of neoplasia
Endoscopy, 37 (12), 1193-7
PubMed 16329016

Hoff G, Bretthauer M, Huppertz-Hauss G, Sauar J, Paulsen J, Dahler S, Kjellevold Ø (2005)
Evaluation of a novel colonoscope designed for easier passage through flexures: a randomized study
Endoscopy, 37 (11), 1123-6
PubMed 16281143

Huppertz-Hauss G, Bretthauer M, Sauar J, Paulsen J, Kjellevold Ø, Majak B, Hoff G (2005)
Polyethylene glycol versus sodium phosphate in bowel cleansing for colonoscopy: a randomized trial
Endoscopy, 37 (6), 537-41
PubMed 15933926

Skovlund E, Bretthauer M, Grotmol T, Larsen IK, Hoff G (2005)
Sensitivity of pain rating scales in an endoscopy trial
Clin J Pain, 21 (4), 292-6
PubMed 15951645

Aamodt G, Gulbrandsen P, Laake P, Aavitsland P, Bretthauer M (2005)
[Presentation of statistical analysis in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 125 (16), 2183-7
PubMed 16138131

Publications 2004

Bretthauer M (2004)
[Information about mammography screening]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 124 (17), 2227
PubMed 15356683

Bretthauer M (2004)
[When can generic preparations be used?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 124 (20), 2598
PubMed 15534628

Bretthauer M, Hoff G, Severinsen H, Erga J, Sauar J, Huppertz-Hauss G (2004)
[Systematic quality control programme for colonoscopy in an endoscopy centre in Norway]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 124 (10), 1402-5
PubMed 15195182

Hoff G, Grotmol T, Thiis-Evensen E, Bretthauer M, Gondal G, Vatn MH (2004)
Testing for faecal calprotectin (PhiCal) in the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention trial on flexible sigmoidoscopy screening: comparison with an immunochemical test for occult blood (FlexSure OBT)
Gut, 53 (9), 1329-33
PubMed 15306594

Publications 2003

Bretthauer M, Hoff G (2003)
The use of CO2 in colonoscopy
Gastrointest Endosc, 57 (3), 436-7; author reply 437-8
PubMed 12612542

Bretthauer M, Hoff GS, Thiis-Evensen E, Huppertz-Hauss G, Skovlund E (2003)
Air and carbon dioxide volumes insufflated during colonoscopy
Gastrointest Endosc, 58 (2), 203-6
PubMed 12872086

Bretthauer M, Jørgensen A, Kristiansen BE, Hofstad B, Hoff G (2003)
Quality control in colorectal cancer screening: systematic microbiological investigation of endoscopes used in the NORCCAP (Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention) trial
BMC Gastroenterol, 3, 15
PubMed 12803654

Bretthauer M, Skovlund E, Grotmol T, Thiis-Evensen E, Gondal G, Huppertz-Hauss G, Efskind P, Hofstad B, Thorp Holmsen S, Eide TJ, Hoff G (2003)
Inter-endoscopist variation in polyp and neoplasia pick-up rates in flexible sigmoidoscopy screening for colorectal cancer
Scand J Gastroenterol, 38 (12), 1268-74
PubMed 14750648

Gondal G, Grotmol T, Hofstad B, Bretthauer M, Eide TJ, Hoff G (2003)
The Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention (NORCCAP) screening study: baseline findings and implementations for clinical work-up in age groups 50-64 years
Scand J Gastroenterol, 38 (6), 635-42
PubMed 12825872

Gondal G, Grotmol T, Hofstad B, Bretthauer M, Eide TJ, Hoff G (2003)
Grading of distal colorectal adenomas as predictors for proximal colonic neoplasia and choice of endoscope in population screening: experience from the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention study (NORCCAP)
Gut, 52 (3), 398-403
PubMed 12584223

Hoff G, Bretthauer M, Skovlund E, Grotmol T (2003)
Re: Baseline findings of the Italian multicenter randomized controlled trial of "once-only sigmoidoscopy"--SCORE
J Natl Cancer Inst, 95 (14), 1089-90; author reply 1090
PubMed 12865459

Publications 2002

Bretthauer M, Gondal G, Larsen K, Carlsen E, Eide TJ, Grotmol T, Skovlund E, Tveit KM, Vatn MH, Hoff G (2002)
Design, organization and management of a controlled population screening study for detection of colorectal neoplasia: attendance rates in the NORCCAP study (Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention)
Scand J Gastroenterol, 37 (5), 568-73
PubMed 12059059

Bretthauer M, Hoff G, Thiis-Evensen E, Grotmol T, Holmsen ST, Moritz V, Skovlund E (2002)
Carbon dioxide insufflation reduces discomfort due to flexible sigmoidoscopy in colorectal cancer screening
Scand J Gastroenterol, 37 (9), 1103-7
PubMed 12374237

Bretthauer M, Hoff G, Thiis-Evensen E, Grotmol T, Larsen IK, Kjellevold Ø, Skovlund E (2002)
Use of a disposable sheath system for flexible sigmoidoscopy in decentralized colorectal cancer screening
Endoscopy, 34 (10), 814-8
PubMed 12244504

Bretthauer M, Thiis-Evensen E, Huppertz-Hauss G, Gisselsson L, Grotmol T, Skovlund E, Hoff G (2002)
NORCCAP (Norwegian colorectal cancer prevention): a randomised trial to assess the safety and efficacy of carbon dioxide versus air insufflation in colonoscopy
Gut, 50 (5), 604-7
PubMed 11950803

Larsen IK, Grotmol T, Bretthauer M, Gondal G, Huppertz-Hauss G, Hofstad B, Efskind P, Jørgensen A, Hoff G (2002)
Continuous evaluation of patient satisfaction in endoscopy centres
Scand J Gastroenterol, 37 (7), 850-5
PubMed 12190102

Publications 2000

Bretthauer M, Kalager M (2000)
[Practice from Germany not sanctioned as specialist education in Norway]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 120 (21), 2580-1
PubMed 11071005

Publications 1996

Panzer W, Bretthauer M, Klingler H, Bahr J, Rathgeber J, Kettler D (1996)
ACD versus standard CPR in a prehospital setting
Resuscitation, 33 (2), 117-24
PubMed 9025127