Jon Mork

Publications 2012

Nygård M, Aagnes B, Bray F, Møller B, Mork J (2012)
Population-based evidence of increased survival in human papillomavirus-related head and neck cancer
Eur J Cancer, 48 (9), 1341-6
PubMed 22516210

Publications 2010

König M, Mork J, Hall KS, Osnes T, Meling TR (2010)
Multimodal treatment of osteogenic sarcoma of the jaw
Skull Base, 20 (3), 207-12
PubMed 21318040

Mork J, Møller B, Dahl T, Bray F (2010)
Time trends in pharyngeal cancer incidence in Norway 1981-2005: a subsite analysis based on a reabstraction and recoding of registered cases
Cancer Causes Control, 21 (9), 1397-405
PubMed 20431937

Publications 2002

Annertz K, Anderson H, Biörklund A, Möller T, Kantola S, Mork J, Olsen JH, Wennerberg J (2002)
Incidence and survival of squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue in Scandinavia, with special reference to young adults
Int J Cancer, 101 (1), 95-9
PubMed 12209594