Inger-Lise Nesvold

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Publications 2014

Johansen S, Fosså K, Nesvold IL, Malinen E, Fosså SD (2014)
Arm and shoulder morbidity following surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer
Acta Oncol, 53 (4), 521-9
PubMed 24495044

Publications 2011

Dahl AA, Nesvold IL, Reinertsen KV, Fosså SD (2011)
Arm/shoulder problems and insomnia symptoms in breast cancer survivors: cross-sectional, controlled and longitudinal observations
Sleep Med, 12 (6), 584-90
PubMed 21645872

Publications 2010

Falk Dahl CA, Reinertsen KV, Nesvold IL, Fosså SD, Dahl AA (2010)
A study of body image in long-term breast cancer survivors
Cancer, 116 (15), 3549-57
PubMed 20564138

Nesvold IL, Fosså SD, Holm I, Naume B, Dahl AA (2010)
Arm/shoulder problems in breast cancer survivors are associated with reduced health and poorer physical quality of life
Acta Oncol, 49 (3), 347-53
PubMed 19842790

Nesvold IL, Reinertsen KV, Fosså SD, Dahl AA (2010)
The relation between arm/shoulder problems and quality of life in breast cancer survivors: a cross-sectional and longitudinal study
J Cancer Surviv, 5 (1), 62-72
PubMed 20972640

Publications 2008

Nesvold IL, Dahl AA, Løkkevik E, Marit Mengshoel A, Fosså SD (2008)
Arm and shoulder morbidity in breast cancer patients after breast-conserving therapy versus mastectomy
Acta Oncol, 47 (5), 835-42
PubMed 18568481

Nesvold IL, Fosså SD, Naume B, Dahl AA (2008)
Kwan's arm problem scale: psychometric examination in a sample of stage II breast cancer survivors
Breast Cancer Res Treat, 117 (2), 281-8
PubMed 19112616

Publications 2002

Nesvold IL, Fosså SD (2002)
[Lymphedema after surgical treatment of cervical and vulvar cancer]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 122 (26), 2531-3
PubMed 12522877