Bård Ingvald Røsok
Position: MD, PhD
Phone: +47 23 07 00 00

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Publications 2017

Labori KJ, Guren MG, Brudvik KW, Røsok BI, Waage A, Nesbakken A, Larsen S, Dueland S, Edwin B, Bjørnbeth BA (2017)
Resection of synchronous liver metastases between radiotherapy and definitive surgery for locally advanced rectal cancer: short term surgical outcomes, overall and recurrence free survivals
Colorectal Dis (in press)
PubMed 28181384

Sahakyan MA, Edwin B, Kazaryan AM, Barkhatov L, Buanes T, Ignjatovic D, Labori KJ, Røsok BI (2017)
Perioperative outcomes and survival in elderly patients undergoing laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy
J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Sci, 24 (1), 42-48
PubMed 27794204

Vollmer CM, Asbun HJ, Barkun J, Besselink MG, Boggi U, Conlon KC, Han HS, Hansen PD, Kendrick ML, Montagnini AL, Palanivelu C, Røsok BI, Shrikhande SV, Wakabayashi G, Zeh HJ, Kooby DA (2017)
Proceedings of the first international state-of-the-art conference on minimally-invasive pancreatic resection (MIPR)
HPB (Oxford) (in press)
PubMed 28189345

Publications 2016

Barkhatov L, Fretland ÅA, Kazaryan AM, Røsok BI, Brudvik KW, Waage A, Bjørnbeth BA, Sahakyan MA, Edwin B (2016)
Validation of clinical risk scores for laparoscopic liver resections of colorectal liver metastases: A 10-year observed follow-up study
J Surg Oncol, 114 (6), 757-763
PubMed 27471127

Sahakyan MA, Kazaryan AM, Pomianowska E, Abildgaard A, Line PD, Bjørnbeth BA, Edwin B, Røsok BI (2016)
Laparoscopic Resection of Recurrence from Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Liver Transplantation: Case Reports and Review of the Literature
Case Rep Oncol Med, 2016, 8946471
PubMed 27034867

Sahakyan MA, Røsok BI, Kazaryan AM, Barkhatov L, Haugvik SP, Fretland ÅA, Ignjatovic D, Labori KJ, Edwin B (2016)
Role of laparoscopic enucleation in the treatment of pancreatic lesions: case series and case-matched analysis
Surg Endosc (in press)
PubMed 27620912

Sahakyan MA, Røsok BI, Kazaryan AM, Barkhatov L, Lai X, Kleive D, Ignjatovic D, Labori KJ, Edwin B (2016)
Impact of obesity on surgical outcomes of laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy: A Norwegian single-center study
Surgery, 160 (5), 1271-1278
PubMed 27498300

Sahakyan MA, Yaqub S, Kazaryan AM, Villanger O, Berstad AE, Labori KJ, Edwin B, Røsok BI (2016)
Laparoscopic Completion Pancreatectomy for Local Recurrence in the Pancreatic Remnant after Pancreaticoduodenectomy: Case Reports and Review of the Literature
J Gastrointest Cancer, 47 (4), 509-513
PubMed 26732389

Publications 2015

Røsok BI, Björnsson B, Sparrelid E, Hasselgren K, Pomianowska E, Gasslander T, Bjørnbeth BA, Isaksson B, Sandström P (2015)
Scandinavian multicenter study on the safety and feasibility of the associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy procedure
Surgery, 159 (5), 1279-86
PubMed 26606881

Sahakyan MA, Kazaryan AM, Rawashdeh M, Fuks D, Shmavonyan M, Haugvik SP, Labori KJ, Buanes T, Røsok BI, Ignjatovic D, Abu Hilal M, Gayet B, Kim SC, Edwin B (2015)
Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: results of a multicenter cohort study on 196 patients
Surg Endosc, 30 (8), 3409-18
PubMed 26514135

Aarås AM, Reitan-Gjersøe TA, Waage A, Mala T, Edwin B, Løberg EM, Abildgaard A, Røsok BI (2015)
Laparoscopic resection of recurrent ectopic hepatocellular carcinoma: A case report with review of the literature and guidelines for follow-up
Int J Surg Case Rep, 17, 92-5
PubMed 26590353

Publications 2014

Afridi SA, Kazaryan AM, Marangos IP, Røsok BI, Fretland ÅA, Yaqub S, Edwin B (2014)
Laparoscopic surgery for solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas
JSLS, 18 (2), 236-42
PubMed 24960486

Kazarian AM, Akopov AL, Rosok B, Postriganova ND, Édvin B (2014)
[Russian classification edition of complications in surgery]
Vestn Khir Im I I Grek, 173 (2), 86-91
PubMed 25055544

Publications 2013

Fosså A, Røsok BI, Kazaryan AM, Holte HJ, Brennhovd B, Westerheim O, Marangos IP, Edwin B (2013)
Laparoscopic versus open surgery in stage I-III adrenocortical carcinoma -- a retrospective comparison of 32 patients
Acta Oncol, 52 (8), 1771-7
PubMed 23398621

Haugvik SP, Marangos IP, Røsok BI, Pomianowska E, Gladhaug IP, Mathisen O, Edwin B (2013)
Long-term outcome of laparoscopic surgery for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
World J Surg, 37 (3), 582-90
PubMed 23263686

Haugvik SP, Røsok BI, Waage A, Mathisen O, Edwin B (2013)
Single-incision versus conventional laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy: a single-institution case-control study
Langenbecks Arch Surg, 398 (8), 1091-6
PubMed 24177746

Kazaryan AM, Røsok BI, Edwin B (2013)
Morbidity assessment in surgery: refinement proposal based on a concept of perioperative adverse events
ISRN Surg, 2013, 625093
PubMed 23762627

Postriganova N, Kazaryan AM, Røsok BI, Fretland Å, Barkhatov L, Edwin B (2013)
Margin status after laparoscopic resection of colorectal liver metastases: does a narrow resection margin have an influence on survival and local recurrence?
HPB (Oxford), 16 (9), 822-9
PubMed 24308605

Publications 2012

Haugvik SP, Røsok BI, Edwin B, Gladhaug IP, Mathisen Ø (2012)
Concomitant Nonfunctional Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor and Gastric GIST in a Patient Without Neurofibromatosis Type 1
J Gastrointest Cancer, 43 Suppl 1, S171-4
PubMed 22083533

Marangos IP, Buanes T, Røsok BI, Kazaryan AM, Rosseland AR, Grzyb K, Villanger O, Mathisen Ø, Gladhaug IP, Edwin B (2012)
Laparoscopic resection of exocrine carcinoma in central and distal pancreas results in a high rate of radical resections and long postoperative survival
Surgery, 151 (5), 717-23
PubMed 22284762

Publications 2011

Holm TE, Rosseland AR, Lundin KA, Røsok BI, Aabakken L, Bock G, Lauzikas G, Thorne H (2011)
Endoscopic stent treatment of a duodenal ulcer perforation
Endoscopy, 43 Suppl 2 UCTN, E60
PubMed 21287454

Kazaryan AM, Marangos IP, Røsok BI, Rosseland AR, Edwin B (2011)
Impact of body mass index on outcomes of laparoscopic adrenal surgery
Surg Innov, 18 (4), 358-67
PubMed 21502205

Kazaryan AM, Røsok BI, Marangos IP, Rosseland AR, Edwin B (2011)
Comparative evaluation of laparoscopic liver resection for posterosuperior and anterolateral segments
Surg Endosc, 25 (12), 3881-9
PubMed 21735326

Pavlik Marangos I, Røsok BI, Kazaryan AM, Rosseland AR, Edwin B (2011)
Effect of TachoSil patch in prevention of postoperative pancreatic fistula
J Gastrointest Surg, 15 (9), 1625-9
PubMed 21671113

Røsok BI, Edwin B (2011)
Single-Incision Laparoscopic Liver Resection for Colorectal Metastasis through Stoma Site at Time of Reversal of Diversion Ileostomy: A Case Report
Minim Invasive Surg, 2011, 502176
PubMed 22091359

Publications 2010

Kazarian AM, Marangos IP, Rosok BI, Rosseland AR, Edvin B (2010)
[Laparoscopic resection of malignant liver tumors: immediate and long-term results]
Vopr Onkol, 56 (2), 172-81
PubMed 20552893

Kazarian AM, Marangos IP, Røsok BI, Rosseland AR, Edwin B (2010)
[Laparoscopic resection of primary and metastatic malignant tumors of the adrenals]
Vestn Khir Im I I Grek, 169 (4), 80-5
PubMed 20973194

Kazaryan AM, Marangos IP, Røsok BI, Rosseland AR, Villanger O, Fosse E, Mathisen O, Edwin B (2010)
Laparoscopic resection of colorectal liver metastases: surgical and long-term oncologic outcome
Ann Surg, 252 (6), 1005-12
PubMed 21107111

Kazaryan AM, Pavlik Marangos I, Rosseland AR, Røsok BI, Mala T, Villanger O, Mathisen O, Giercksky KE, Edwin B (2010)
Laparoscopic liver resection for malignant and benign lesions: ten-year Norwegian single-center experience
Arch Surg, 145 (1), 34-40
PubMed 20083752

Kazaryan AM, Røsok BI, Edwin B (2010)
Laparoscopic and open liver resection for colorectal metastases: different indications?
HPB (Oxford), 12 (6), 434; author reply 435
PubMed 20662795

Pomianowska E, Gladhaug IP, Grzyb K, Røsok BI, Edwin B, Bergestuen DS, Mathisen O (2010)
Survival following resection of pancreatic endocrine tumors: importance of R-status and the WHO and TNM classification systems
Scand J Gastroenterol, 45 (7-8), 971-9
PubMed 20441530

Rosok BI, Edwin B (2010)
Authors' reply: Single-centre experience of laparoscopic pancreatic surgery (Br J Surg 2010; 97: 902-909)
Br. J. Surg., 97 (12), 1892

Røsok BI, Marangos IP, Kazaryan AM, Rosseland AR, Buanes T, Mathisen O, Edwin B (2010)
Single-centre experience of laparoscopic pancreatic surgery
Br J Surg, 97 (6), 902-9
PubMed 20474000

Publications 2009

Kazaryan AM, Marangos IP, Rosseland AR, Røsok BI, Villanger O, Pinjo E, Pfeffer PF, Edwin B (2009)
Laparoscopic adrenalectomy: Norwegian single-center experience of 242 procedures
J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A, 19 (2), 181-9
PubMed 19216698

Marangos IP, Kazaryan AM, Rosseland AR, Røsok BI, Carlsen HS, Kromann-Andersen B, Brennhovd B, Hauss HJ, Giercksky KE, Mathisen Ø, Edwin B (2009)
Should we use laparoscopic adrenalectomy for metastases? Scandinavian multicenter study
J Surg Oncol, 100 (1), 43-7
PubMed 19431158

Publications 2008

Røsok BI, Rosseland AR, Grzyb K, Mathisen O, Edwin B (2008)
Laparoscopic resection of an intraductal papillary mucinous carcinoma in ectopic pancreatic tissue
J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A, 18 (5), 723-5
PubMed 18803517

Publications 2006

Voltersvik P, Bostad L, Dyrhol-Riise AM, Eide GE, Røsok BI, Olofsson J, Asjö B (2006)
Cystatin A and HIV-1 p24 antigen expression in tonsillar lymphoid follicles during HIV-1 infection and during highly active antiretroviral therapy
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr, 41 (3), 277-84
PubMed 16540928

Publications 2001

Dyrhol-Riise AM, Stent G, Røsok BI, Voltersvik P, Olofsson J, Asjö B (2001)
The Fas/FasL system and T cell apoptosis in HIV-1-infected lymphoid tissue during highly active antiretroviral therapy
Clin Immunol, 101 (2), 169-79
PubMed 11683576

Publications 2000

Dyrhol-Riise AM, Brantsaeter AB, Dunlop O, Baklien K, Skar AG, Asjö B, Bruun JN, Røsok BI (2000)
Early changes in peripheral blood T cell subsets induced by antiretroviral treatment of human immunodeficiency virus-1 positive individuals
Scand J Immunol, 51 (2), 195-201
PubMed 10652164

Dyrhol-Riise AM, Voltersvik P, Røsok BI, Olofsson J, Asjö B (2000)
Normalization of CD4+ cell numbers and reduced levels of memory CD8+ cells in blood and tonsillar tissue after highly active antiretroviral therapy in early HIV type-1 infection
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, 16 (3), 191-201
PubMed 10710207

Voltersvik P, Dyrhol-Riise AM, Bostad L, Røsok BI, Olofsson J, Asjö B (2000)
Changes in tonsillar tissue in early HIV-1 infection and during 3 years of antiretroviral therapy
APMIS, 108 (7-8), 539-50
PubMed 11167551

Publications 1998

Brinchmann JE, Røsok BI, Spurkland A (1998)
Activation and proliferation of CD8+ T cells in lymphoid tissues of HIV-1-infected individuals in the absence of the high-affinity IL-2 receptor
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr Hum Retrovirol, 19 (4), 332-8
PubMed 9833741

Røsok BI, Brinchmann JE, Stent G, Bjerknes R, Voltersvik P, Olofsson J, Asjö B (1998)
Correlates of apoptosis of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in tonsillar tissue in HIV type 1 infection
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, 14 (18), 1635-43
PubMed 9870316

Publications 1996

Røsok BI, Bostad L, Voltersvik P, Bjerknes R, Olofsson J, Asjö B, Brinchmann JE (1996)
Reduced CD4 cell counts in blood do not reflect CD4 cell depletion in tonsillar tissue in asymptomatic HIV-1 infection
AIDS, 10 (10), F35-8
PubMed 8874620