Department of Molecular Oncology


Department head: Ragnhild A. Lothe, Professor
Department administrative consultants: Mona Hagen and Linda Uv Mjøen
Lab manager: Guro E. Lind

Research groups:

GeneticsGenome BiologyEpigenetics

Ragnhild A. LotheRolf I. SkotheimGuro E. Lind

Project group:

Cell signalling

Edward Leithe


Centre for Cancer Biomedicine    

Centre for Cancer Biomedicine

A Norwegian Centre of Excellence funded by the Research Council of Norway.


The K.G. Jebsen Colorectal Cancer Research Centre is led by Ragnhild Lothe, and Rolf Skotheim is a PI.



  Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium


Latest News


Cover article on personalized cancer medicine and big data in META


Bjarne Johannessen and Rolf Skotheim have written about bioinformatics and big data challenges in cancer genomics. The popularized science article appeared as a cover story in the META magazine:

The META journal is published by UNINETT Sigma2, and the aim is to present research projects that are part of Notur and Norstore.


Novel DNA methylation biomarkers provide accurate detection of bile duct cancer

Kim Andresen, first author
Kim Andresen, first author

The Department of Molecular Oncology in collaboration with the Norwegian PSC Research Center at Oslo University Hospital (OUH), Rikshospitalet, recently published a paper in Hepatology, where a high-performance epigenetic biomarker panel suitable for identifying patients with bile duct cancer was described.


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