Gastrointestinal-Pancreas (GI-P) Pathology Research Group

Tor J. Eide (left) and Per Arne Andersen
Tor J. Eide (left) and Per Arne Andersen

Different projects groups (Eide, Clausen, DeAngelis and Andresen) merged in 2013 to form GI-Pathology Research Group under the leadership of prof. Tor J. Eide. Their main objectives were molecular pathology in epithelial tumors of the GI-tract and the skin. In 2015 Prof. Caroline Verbeke joined the group with projects focusing on pancreatic cancer. The group is currently undergoing reorganization (completed by Sept. 1st).


Research projects

  • Andresen/Eide: The role of senescence and insulin growth factor regulation in transitional stages of gastrointestinal tumors
  • Andresen: Genetic susceptibility for multiple primary skin melanomas  
  • DeAngelis: Molecular mechanisms underlying chemotherapeutic drug response in GI cancers
  • Verbeke: Treatment effect on pancreatic cancer (PC); intratumour heterogeneity (HSØ); organotypic PC model (UiO/KI); stromal drug scavenging (coll. Germany); circulating PC cells (CanDO; EU); microfluidics for pancreatic cystic lesions (UiO/KI).

Contact information:
Leaders: Tor J. Eide (group leader)/Per Arne Andresen (acting leader)